In line with the nautical taskscape of Falmouth, participants will work in ships, at sea, or on the shore to collaboratively create pieces for one of these locations or the journeys between. They will experience these places from different vantage points: at the surface, from underneath, above and across. And we will provide a range of creative means to do so. There will be kayaks, wetsuits, fishing nets and snorkels. Participants might navigate by the stars or use excavation instruments to reveal the history imbricated in Cornwall’s restless shore. They will have access to tall ships and ferries, as well as a range of digital media.

An eclectic mix of artists and people with local environmental and historic knowledge will mentor, guide and inspire the participants. Expect to share and combine skills and ideas, devising something that is bigger than anything you could have imagined achieving on your own. The results will be presented as part of a showcase that will be open to the general public and will feed into the conference strand ‘Digitising Ecologies’ as part of the Fascinate conference.

Participants will be divided in four groups, with each working on a different location in Falmouth, while using different media and experiencing the sea from a different vantage point.

1. Shore Drift
A panoramic audio drift along multiple layers of shore.

2. Ferries Wheel
A playful exploration and gamification of a sea passage that connects two castles.

3. Written in the Stars
A digital packet that will travel  aboard the ‘Jolie Brise’ collecting a constellation of data as it journeys

4. Beneath
Kayaking, capturing, swimming and sampling the waves of technology, commerce and history that break on these shores.

You will be divided in groups on wednesday evening.


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