Nautical resources

Art works and other links

A mix of music, art and literature, inspired by the ocean, Falmouth’s na​utical history and the local landscape. Connecting past and present, weaving through fact and fiction.

When technological errors become narrative tools

Circumstance – ‘We Are Forests’
Intimacy with strangers in public places via mobile phones

Janet Cardiff – Alter Bahnhof video walk
‘Ghosting’ spaces through visual media

Remote listening of spaces

Hofesh Shecter
Audio instruction based performance

Liminal Dome: by Anna Romanenko, Björn Kühn and Gabriel Hensche.
Waves: below, above…

Bas Jan Ader, Fall 2 Amsterdam 1970
Riding, collapsing…

Not sand or wind, but both. Multi dimensional. Like breath and flute 

Waves and people: environment and history are waves

Waves in energy, technology, economy…

People moving through waves at different stages of life and skill

Online Texts

On walking –  – Phil Smith
A Short History of the Future of Walking

Finding Time – Rebecca Solnit
Slowing down and resistance.

Great books 

Levelling Sea, Philip Marsden
The story of how Falmouth became Britain’s main packet port, and how the sea shaped the destinies of Cornish families.

Drawing Water, Tania Kovats
A collection of Tania’s interests in water, mapping and narrative, from a recent Exhibition at Fruitmarket, Edinburgh.

Navigating Britain’s Coastline, Land’s End to Portland. Adrienne & Peter Oldale
Falmouth based couple who produced a hand drawn map of the south coast of Britain as seen from the Sea.

Mason & Dixon, Thomas Pynchon
Histoircal Epic about two astronomers who sailed out of Falmouth for America to instate the border of Philadelphia, a then disputed edge amongst various British Colonies, Nevil Maskelyne’s instruments were essential to this study.

The Sea, Rachel Carson
Pre-dating A Silent Spring and her real passion.

Lord Jim and A Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad
Epic classics set on, in or about ships. Its an oft forgotten element of …Darkness that the entire novel is a story being told in the belly of a ship docked at Gravesend, told by one sailor to another.

The Horizon, Didier Maleuvre
Retelling of the history of Western Civilisation using the notion of the unattainable nature of the horizon as a driving force. So not necessarily the sea, but sort of the sea and everything after.

Longitude, Dava Sobel
A history of the discovery of Longitude

A field guide to getting lost, Rebecca Solnit
About how and why people get lost and, more importantly, what happens when they are found, find themselves or decide to stay lost.






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