Wednesday 27 August
18.00 > 21.00 Workshop Registration & Orientation

@ Performance Centre, Tremough Campus

18.30 General Intros to all workshops  – PC Cafe/Bar Area
19.00 Geohack Workshop Orientation: James Mariott’s provocation. Introductions and group division.

Thursday 28 August: workshop day 1
09.00 > 18.00 Recce, Explorations and  first ideas

Morning @  Field locations around Falmouth
Lunch: provided on site
Afternoon @ Woodlane Hub: sharing work and planning next day.
Evening: Continue work on GeoHack or make your way to the Moor if wish to see evening performances  (until 23.00).
(Dinner: own arrangements)

Friday 29 August: Workshop day 2
09.00 > 18.00 Making the work

Morning @  Field locations around Falmouth/ Woodlane hub
Lunch: provided on site
Afternoon @  Field locations around Falmouth/ Woodlane hub
Evening: Fascinate Showcase Installations, private View for Delegates/Artists
(18:30) Dinner Curry (sit down or takeaway to The Moor for stage) served at Methodist Church.

Saturday 30 August: Conference day 1

Morning: start 9:30. Duncan Speakman’s keynote. Feedback from Geohack and Digitising Ecologies conference strand.
Lunch: provided
16:00 Coach to Falmouth and opportunity to showcase GeoHack work.
Till 23:00 Showcase

Sunday 31 August: Conference day 2
09:30 > 13:00 Conference @ Tremough campus
13:00 Opportunity to go to Falmouth to see tall ship parade out.


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