Two days of GeoHack generated a lot of ideas and the beginnings of finished works.

Here are some links that take you to descriptions and results of the workshop:

HELLO IRIS – Tassos Stevens, Tiia Veneranta and others

SHIP ADRIFT – Becca Gill, Maria Michails and others

Beneath – John Hartley and his group

Shore Drift:

Michael Straeubig video

Keep on using the great library of links artworks, books and broadcasts related to sea, drifting water, nautical history and digital media.

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Radio Broadcast

Tonight Bram Arnold is presenting a mix of music, art and literature, inspired by the ocean, Falmouth’s na​utical history and the local landscape. Connecting past and present, weaving through fact and fiction he will give you something to think about while travelling to GeoHack.​
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Journeying to Falmouth

Some of you might be preparing to travel to Cornwall…

The Jolie Brise, the tall ship a group of you will be working on, is also making her way to Falmouth. You can track her position.

​More information on the ship can be found here

If you are packing your bag then here is a list of things to bring:

– waterproof jacket
– sturdy (walking) shoes and/or trainers
– swimwear
– Warm clothes
– suncream
– bottle of water
– A backpack to comfortably carry things in


– Devices that they would like to experiment with and other stuff hidden in weird drawers (e.g. dusty jack cables, sticky earphones)

– old mobile phones that can get wet

– Your laptop with (sound) editing programs.

And don’t forget to bring a story artefact! A some-thing that tells the story of you and your practice/research/interests in this workshop.


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Walking, audio and water

Today’s resource is a bunch of ​inspiring (art)works involving audio, walking and some water, sent by Duncan Speakman.
PlanB Performance – Walks on water
When technological errors become narrative tools
Circumstance – We Are Forests
Intimacy with strangers in public places via mobile phones
Janet Cardiff – Alter Bahnhof video walk
‘Ghosting’ spaces through visual media
Remote listening of spaces
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Dear GeoHackers,
Thank you for registering for the GeoHack workshop; we are very happy to have you on board! 
This is the first of posts that will prepare you for the workshop starting next wednesday evening. These will get you in a ‘nautical mood’ and give you the resources necessary to successfully navigate the workshop.
Here is the first resource that will help us plan the finals for the workshop and take care of you during the two days of sea and shore journeys. If you haven’t yet, then please fill in a questionnaire here
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We are excited to receiving you in the beautiful town of Falmouth for GeoHack 2014!

This website should give you the information necessary to prepare and get to the beginning of the nautical adventure on Wednesday 27th of August 6pm.

Let us know any questions or problems by emailing: ne138697[at]

See you soon!

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